Monday, October 10, 2011

Bengali Fish Curry

In the global jungle of civilization hiding a Bengali is a toughest job to do. Whether it is for his fish tainted hands or his fetish for “Ananda Bazaar Patrika”, a Bengali always stands out amongst the crowd. Loving or hating a Bengali is your personal choice, but ignoring one is at your own risk. He is indomitable, a pocket dynamo ready to burst if wrongly held. He can fight for a 50 paisa for 50 minutes and still turn out victorious. Ki Dada thik bolchi to?

Every Bengali can be divided into two subgroups, “Dada” & “Didi”, no matter in which age group they belong. Maybe it’s because a Bengali never turns old enough to be an uncle or aunty. However I’m often surprised why Bipasha Basu was never included in the “Didi” category! Bengali men are always “Bhadraloks” in their pristine white dhoti, not withstanding their antagonistic behaviour in local trains and buses. They are also all about panache. Everything right from their oil dripping side parted hairstyle, to their neatly trimmed moustache, their “Punjabis” (though I never realised why they are called so) & multi coloured lungis, none can beat them in their unique style statement. They may be short in size but not short with their voice. You can beat a Bengali to pulp, but even God doesn’t dare to quarrel with a Bengali. They are also one of the most intelligent species to ever walk the Earth. It is said, “When ten foxes die, a Bengali is born”, and it makes me wonder about the reproductive capacity of the foxes!

Poschim Bongo is a proud “nation”. (& now we need Columbus to discover a Purbo Bongo) Infact it is the only one with a motto, “Cholbey Naa”! Maybe that is why “Amra laal Bhalobasi”.  When the world is moving at a frantic pace, we love to cling to our past, “eating” the cheapest whisky available (as we hate to drink, Amra khali khete bhalobashi), expecting someone else to turn back the time for us. We are more than “roshogollas”, “sondesh” & unfortunately “highly inflammable churon” of “3 Idots” fame. We idolise Saurav Ganguly, because we never had anyone competing against him and expect him to play till a walking stick replaces his bat (& God, he never disappoints). If the world has Man U & Arsenal, we have Mohun Bagan & East Bengal. We love our jokes but alas the lesser mortals were never able to pierce through the humour (as they often turn out in Bengali). We never had an identity crisis, just like all “Southies & Northies” seem like Siamese twins. Our impeccable Engrazi & flawless Hindi make us stand out among the rest. “Hum thik bolta hai na?”

Dhur! Bohut hoye geche.......if you have Rajnikant, we also have Mithun......and the discussion ends there.



Janak Kumar Yadav said...

Khub bhalo likhecho...chaliye jao

Saptadeep said...

Thx mate

Cloud Nine said...

hahaha...nice post;) I adore Bengali women for their uniqueness and GUTS!!! Have met wuite a few fiery ones...As for the Northies Vs Southies saga, the chapters keep burgeoning, what say? Great to be following you, Pied Piper! We both write along the same lines- tongue-in-cheek:P Do visit my blog often.

Saptadeep said...

Well cloud nine i loved ur style too.....simply catchy....

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