Friday, August 19, 2011

An open letter to mr. Rahul Gandhi

Dear Rahul Gandhi,

      I wonder what is keeping you busy nowadays. I even wonder more thinking about what your favourite uncle, Mr. Diggy (as we all love to call him) is busy with! Suddenly all his rhetoric seems to be on a pause mode & all your activism in a stop mode. Didn’t he just announce a few months back that you were “ready” to claim your ancestral Prime Minister’s seat? And wow, you just seemed ready in your pristine white kurta pyjama in the backdrop of rustic villagers, having your free daily lunches in poor people’s home (who cannot afford a square meal a day), walking miles under the sun and riding in a train. Perfect and enough isn’t it to become the PM of the most chaotic democracy in the world. After all silence is the antidote to chaos and there cannot be a bigger example than your composed self. And yes, we Indians don’t doubt about your eligibility for the coveted post. With looks to kill and lineage to die for, one doesn’t require boring economic policies, national agendas or anti corruption policies to make that CV look dreary.

     By the way have you heard about Anna Hazare and his fast unto death? I know it makes little sense when half the country is anyways fasting because of poverty, but a show of solidarity would have surely helped your portfolio. However, we are too small a fish to understand your grand goals of making a great India; maybe you thought that some fasting will control the ever ballooning food prices brought about by your economist PM. But something that surprises me and would perhaps alarm you is that, inspite of your tremendous hard work and inspiration to million Indian youth under the banner of “Youth Congress” (even though I’m really ignorant of how many youth was actually infused, as the Congress is still the oldest party, and what was the ultimate result of your past 6-7 years of effort. I apologise for the same), a 74 year old is manoeuvring greater youth and even children in a mere span of 6-7 months. I accept that you hate the limelight and want to be the “Robinhood Pandey”, but then isn’t it high time that common Indians like me should atleast know what you are up to  behind the curtains so that even we can join uncle Diggy’s rhetoric “Rahul for PM”.

    By the way, I’ve overheard a lot of people saying that the stage is set for Rahul to douse this anti-corruption crisis. If he has to prove his worth, it is now. But then frankly, you were already crowned the “youth icon of India” at 40 and by ratings the most popular choice to PM post, only with one single Kalavati speech. Even Obama cannot match your oratorical skills. (Poor Obama only knows how many times he had to repeat “Yes we can”, before Americans voted him to power). I believe you have saved your best for the last. After all, it better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt? Moreover your family has been in power for so many years that you know that Indians believe in “Forgive & Forget”. And even you probably realise your limited skill set, which is only to become the PM of India, else it might be difficult to even find you a job with your qualifications in “shining modern India”.
    Anyways, by the time all this hullaballoo over corruption ends, I believe you will be back in your white kurta pyjama once again displaying your dimples in the front pages of newspapers. How long can young India be satiated by a old man after all. But then till this movement unfolds please keep uncle Diggy in chains. Hope you can fulfil this sole demand from your devoted youth followers. 

Best wishes for your future.

Your biggest fan.




mamta said...

We have been in a habbit to listen the lectures of our leaders no matter how much nonsense they speak and we hear. Rahul ganhdi A YOUTH of the country (lol) who cares too much about farmers specially for UP farmers. When policeman shoot farmers in pune neither he nor his congress party tried to take any action. They did not do so till then media did not raise the issue and when some news channels and news paper criticize them and their party then only they get to know about their duties other wise why they should care when they have enough majority .

that is a fact specially in our country where people run after powers and when they get the power then they forget every thing and became unconscious for five years.

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