Friday, December 9, 2011

Seduction Of Death

Friends, sometimes life is easier to define then a feeling that you heve never felt...."Death". This poem is an attempt to understand the strange mystery when life hangs in balance, when you just don't know whether to welcome the feel or just shun it as you have done all your life. Or maybe there's just a hidden beauty in all the gory descriptions of death. The Pied Piper feels humbled when the moment is thrusted upon someone and when someone tries to enjoy the seduction of the moment.
Read ......but pause for a thought.....

Seduction of Death


My final moments of last reason to live,
To encounter my mistress in her last deceit.
My breath grew heavy but life refused to retreat,
For somewhere in me....yet a virgin lived.

Flashes of memories and my distorted life,
Etched your beauty that I despised;
And yet my blurry vision search for you tonight,
To cease the pain and this lonely night.

The seconds eased as the moment froze,
The cries of death deafened my soul;
The gory winter lost its shrill,
As her silhouette touched my window sill.

Dawning her black silk she came to me,
Her eyes were dark and just too deep to see;
I admiringly gazed in that face smeared with blood,
And felt the warmth..... in her cold touch.

Her flawed body shone in the glitter of the night,
Her skin was dark and yet so divine;
Her lips thirsty for the naked kill,
Waiting to taste life and the pain I feel.

I devoured her beauty as she slipped her veil,
She slithered on me with a serpent’s skill;
My tormented soul agonisingly cried,
Titillating between death and life. 

The essence of life bloomed once again,
As she entered my soul and savoured her moment;
She thrusted deep as I cried in vain,
And life blew away in the fountain of pain.

She ripped my body and clawed my heart,
She sealed her final kiss and my soul was ready to depart;
A corpse laid bare; happy with its new found numbness,
As I walked away with my virginity in shambles.



Jeevan said...

I liked the first, fifth, sixth and seventh stanzas the most. The idea is really good.

Cloud Nine said... described death so beautifully! wish i could face it happily. Just wishful thinking! Nice one, Saptadeep:)

Sutapa Dey said...

Good one...Death's seduction..its important to be at peace when that moment comes. If you have lived with no regrets, peace follows.

Anilkumar Sharma said...

Very good description of death. This is the first time, I am finding 'Yamdut" (messanger of death)as a lady.
You have hinted about deep truth about life & death. May be death is another beginning :)

Keep it up.

Saptadeep said...

Well Anil....Ladies can kill.....a male yamdut can never seduce u to death.....death is a moment to savour....a special feeling of being transported to another world.....n I have dis strange feeling dat beyond popular conception, the bringer of death is a female....aftrall history is replete with d feelings i share

N thx to all of u guys....ur lovely comments and wishes keep me going!!!

mamta said...

death can be so wonderful experience, never thought about it. the photo you used in your poem and the words completely suitable and appropriate for each other.

awesome lyric and wonderful poem(even when we want to sing it),every part of the poem is superb!!carry on basu.

Saptadeep said...

mamta...its been ages I havent seen u d way...did u actually try singing it????
Nw i gt 2 check d way it goes

mamta said...

was busy with exams that is why.any wyas it was good to see such a nice composition. yeah i tried it and it was quiet good experience to sing it.

you can check it out ,then will came to know. carry on basu.

amit ganguly said...

tremendous embedded feeling in this.Certainly a beautiful post this is.

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