Sunday, July 3, 2011

Her Eyes!

I've been tired of people telling me, "Can't you ever write sumthing that doesnot holds pain in's happy...filled with love as it should be......well, d efforts are never at a loss, it's just that in the struggle of love and pain, my pain has always got the upper hand. However, last nyt was when I had a feeling, I've been longing for......a feeling where my words fail......a feeling when those eyes wakes me up in the middle of the night......the beauty of which I fail to words are an ode to those eyes!!!
(Friends I request you to read the poem with its flow, go slow to feel the mystifying beauty of her eyes)

Once in a while......
I try to see the world through the prism of your eyes,
Fancy my life with you sometimes....
Seeing the world with your coloured sight.
The lovely brows curls down with a smile,
Flirts with you in their animated style;
Sometimes complaining.....Sometimes questioning;
Pleading you not to stare in those eyes.
As she gazes at the bright blue sky,
Closes her eyes to capture a sight;
Her big eye lashes flutter with the breeze,
It kisses her soul with its sly reach.
Her lids blink with a motion of its own,
Precisely dancing to the tunes forgone;
Mocking at my effort of expressing the song,
That hummed in her eyes & only she had known.
The colour of her eyes held a mystery in it.....
Of a naughty girl or a wise priest;
I hoped I had an answer to it,
For it shattered my dreams & my deep sleep.
Yes, Once in a while.....
I want to see the world through the prism of your eyes;
To know the colour of those eyes that I have described,
For the only colour I know is darkness in my life.



piyush said...

brother, thats excellent...

Saptadeep said...

thx mate

Anonymous said...

Awesome lines bro and awesome music too..

Anonymous said...

Very good one but a sad/negative ending..-Sutapa.

Saptadeep said...

Well d ending actually speaks about d platonic love......i see a blind guy here describing d most beautiful pair of eyes.....dats my take on it

Anonymous said...

The poem has pain in it....not happy but filled with love n sm gr8 lines.Shantanu

Anonymous said...

I read, re read your poem to let the feeling settle in. Accompanied by a lovely background score, I felt your yearning and your pains were tangible! Very very good :)

Hemant said...

Saptadeep!!!spotted your blog first time and this one has been crafted beautifully....I agree to the point you made with blind guy.....and ur take on negative ending...Life isn't beautiful always...though your poems are :)

Anonymous said...

I revisited your blog to hear this brilliant piece of music.... Its addictive

Saptadeep said...

Thx evry1....well d music is too close to my heart...dere's nuthing intoxicating than this piece to bring alive all the memories of ur life!!!

mamta said...

hey it was really good one did not get much haha but awesome composition really.carry on mr basu.

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