Saturday, February 26, 2011

The fresh lease of life

Its been ages when I had been so much in my thoughts.......& today after about 3 years when I was atlast successful in scribbling sumthing...I felt life has come back to me once again.....a second chance to pour my heart without much ado......I want to begin with d latest tune of the pied piper.....titled "The Last Night"..

The Last Night
-          Saptadeep Basu (2011)

With a bottle of whisky
& a half finished glass in my hand;
Accompanied by the setting sun on my window,
I sat down to scribble my life again.

As my eyes gazed past the dimming twilight,
I saw a child playing with his friends;
No colour, no creed, no religion he knew,
But the memories were jaded and a bit too few.

Lit up the cigar in my dim lit room,
Consumed with smoke I remembered the youth.
His lovers galore & his beautiful wife,
All melted away like my whisky ice.

Danced the golden water in my glass,
Perspiring in my hand like a virgin wife,
Brought her towards my parched lips once again,
She entered me with her wild delight.

The moon rose high in the sky,
The empty bottle wanted to say good night,
But my tired soul still gazed towards the horizon,
Dreaming to sleep with its open eyes.

The never-ending night had cast its shadow,
The only hope being my cigar light,
But lost its fight with the darkness within,
And merged itself with the dark night.

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