Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why should we support Anna hazare

There are very few moments in life when one can be an inseparable part of history. The variety of history that appeals to each one however may vary considerably. For some, it was Indias’s recent cricket world cup victory when throngs of youth devoured the streets for a victory march across every corner of the nation. For some it might be Babri masjid demolition or Godhra incident that divided our nation in two halves. For others it might be our Kargil victory over Pakistan. The incidents might cause a huge debate among the masses about the defining moments of our history which we were a part of. However, among all the events we were sometimes the silent, sometimes the elated or sometimes the saddened spectator. 

The moment that dawn on us today, calls us to play the role. The role of a historian, the role of a fighter, the role of a model citizen, the role of a human being. For once, we will determine the course of history. When Ambedkar drafted the Indian Constitution, never did he think that the protectors of it will be the people to make it naked to the bones. When Netaji, Bhagat Singh and others accepted death for our liberation, never did they think that the common Indians will again be ruled barbarically by their own. When the Mahatma fought for an independent idealistic India, never did he think that it would be papers with his image that would divide the country once again between India and Bharat.

All these years, we too were a creator of this cancerous state, sometimes giving bribes or sometimes taking it. But the moment for redemption is “NOW”.  The arrogance of the numerous corrupt governments lies infront of us. Our very constitutional right of expression lies in shambles today. Every penny that our blood and sweat earns is someone’s entertainment property. Otherwise who can explain the ballooned property of all the ministers? For once we should take a stand and not be the cheerleaders of a mega opera of our future. Let’s stand tall and united. Let’s support Anna Hazare and his group of fighters.  Let us all be a part of history written by us.
 Pl log on to & join the fight against corruption



krish said...

well..accepted.but tel me y shd v support ramdev baba who doesnt hv d slightest courage to face a police arrest let alone his run away in ladies ny movement which is for a better at d some time its wise to b gingerly about d motive behind sch a opera..i m nt bein ramdev could have joind the anna hazare movement and could make it more wats d point of starting d same thing again jst within a month..when measure against corruption are in process n govt is givin emphasis on the demands dat came out from d hazare it like dat ramdev couldnt get his ground for his to b formed political party in presence of hazare..n took d chance to b popular in media on an other day..may b !

Saptadeep said...

Friend, the choice is not between ramdev baba or anna hazare.....the choice is between a corruption free nation & a country corrupted to its core. We don't stand to support a person, we stand to support a cause. Whatever is the ulterior motive of ramdev baba, he has tried to take the government by its horns. When phoolan devi, madhu koda n hordes can enter politics u can't deny ramdev baba d same. If the govt had ignored it, may be we would have taken the debate why ramdev tried to walk alone, but what transpired out of it showed us the draconian rule of the mighty. wen reputed leaders like kapil sibal, digvijay singh can make irresponsible statements, ramdev running away in a ladies dress is given too much hype for us to forget the real cause. Once again lets fight for the cause and not the men!

krish said...

dude u r getin it wrong smwhr..i told u support the don support smbdy's effort when he or she is using the cause as a mean to gain popularity n attention of media.if smone take permission for sm reason (yoga camp here for sm thousand ppl) n den use it for a different reason and mobilize mch mr bigger crwd ..n administration stosp it..i don see whr d administratn is wrong here..democracy doesnt mean u can do watevr u want..breakin one law to make an nother law is not acceptble.

Saptadeep said...

let me clarify it in points so that there is no confusion
1. In my article, never have I mentioned the name of Baba Ramdev or have urged anyone to support his movement. The article is for standing up for corruption as a cause and not for people (where I presume both of us agree and there is no dispute)
2. The right to fast comes under Article 19 of the Indian Constitution which deals with right to expression.There is no ruling of any court which bans fasting. It is each ones individual right to go on fast since it is a manner in which one can protest against the government and there is no bar on that. Govt can deny the permission only when the people resort to violent means or give suicidal threat.
The government says that they apprehend a law and order problem if this fast is allowed. However Baba Ramdev was on a fast for a couple of days and there was no violence. hence the govt action seems against the essence of Constitution.
3. If you accept that what the govt did is right on the ramdev issue, then the britishers too will have a justification for Jallianwala Bagh citing it a law and order issue.
4. Democracy definitely dosenot mean u can do what u want and it goes more for the keepers of democracy i.e. our constitutional leaders.
5. All the political leaders resort to cheap popularism during it DMK, AIDMK, Left, Congress, everyone....all have a personal motivation which only concerns I have said earlier, ramdev cannot be denied the right to fight elections, so if he too resorts to popularism on an issue that affects the common public more, then I beleive first we should denounce the entire Indian political circus before denouncing ramdev.
6. Lastly, I'm urging the youth to join the movement....if he can create one better than the others...the whole of India will support him too.

mamta said...

Nice article really and very true. Exactly we all part some where that’s why things are getting worse.we always ready to show hundred rupees note to a police man when we drive with out license and break the rules. We are one of those who says “YAR INDIA MAI YE SAB TO CHALTA HAI “after giving bribes and all. We always have complain that no any one is doing their duty with sincerity whether it is police , government or any official. And when they do so then only we have problems, because we are the one who want comfort and when they do their work with sincerity too then we say “tujhe pata hai mai kon hu .tujhe nokri se niklwa dunga “.is not it ?

The time has come when we all need to stand up against corruption, against wrong because it is our country and if things are going wrong then it is our duty to stop that. No matter it is anna’s movement or radev’s movement.when it comes the question of country we all are there to support them.

mamta said...

@krish Sorry to intrupt you krish sir .about your comments well want to say that people do not do the things always for popularity and second thing is that ramdev is famous and popular enough so I do not think he need any publicty to show who is HE ?

first thing is that people hardly wants to stand up against wrong in india and when they do so then we always say that it is only publicity stunt………………

many are there who wants to be famous right ?so why all are not doing same thing ?

is it easy to come out from your homes when it comes the question of country when your own life is on sake and when all powerful persons are always ready to prove you wrong only because you are speaking against them and their government ?

we all talk about black money right ?but tell me how many are here who stand up against governemnt in real sense ?and when a man did it then we say he is doing all only because of popularity .

there are many things and many reaosns so will not go in long .in short only a man who have truth in him can claim in a live show that he is ready for any kind of investigation

╬DeV AcharyA╬ said...

My City Burns
The KMSS mass rally at Dispur Wednesday against eviction drive in the city has taken an ugly turn as the agitating public and the police clashed in the afternoon. In the ongoing tussle, as reports say, two have died including a child. The agitating public pelted stones on the police officials deployed around the venue. In this, Deepak Chaudhury, SSP, has been badly hurt. He has suffered severe injuries in chest, back and on his hands. In retaliation the police fired upon the unruly public and hurled tear gas shells towards them. The retort of the police did not go through smoothly among the mad crowd and they reverted back more violently.Many people got injured in the scuffle and have been rushed to the GMCH for treatment. The irate public also set on fire few vehicles around the area including a Maruti Van and a city bus apart from damaging some others. Fearing the violence shops and other establishments were immediately shut down by the owners. Reports received till now those injured in the clash have been identified as:Constable Sonti Bordoloi, Dhiraj Singh, Hrishikesh Barua, Biswajit Sardar, Kandarpa Saikia, Shiva Pegu, Kailash Singh Yadav and Ramen Barman (a KMSS activist).Journalists covering the whole matter have also got injured as the agitated mass even pelted stones on the media persons present. One camera person of a news channel Kamal Rai also got injured in the violence.Some thousands of activists Wednesday participated in the protest programme demanding immediate end to the eviction drive recently carried out by the authorities in Guwahati.Offering its support to the public, whose houses were flattened in the move, the KMSS also jumped into the stir. Various social organizations of the city marched towards the state capital by taking out processions. Dispur was cordoned off keeping in view that the agitation might take a serious turn.

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