Sunday, June 19, 2011

The literary vagabond

Far from the madding crowd
Once again I set out,
with some penny to spare
and plenty of time to stand and stare.

Summer it is I say
on the AC as my hands I lay
CDs, camera, pen and notepad
Carried them all, I'm glad.

The music goes ta ra rum pum
and along I hum;
A sparrow I spot
and a lady in topknot.

I take a turn and go bump
Yeah, I missed noticing a hump.
Silly of me, I think
As my mind's eye I blink.

Now I am away from the jungle concrete
with none to run a rat race with;
I race against myself with glee
To all, do the same I plea.

It’s about time I reached the lake
To myself I thus spake.
Though I haven't, I wonder why
and simply drove by.

I drove for long but came along none
Confused I looked around,
to catch hold of and ask a passer-by
can you tell me the way to the lake, mere bhai?

Lost my way, I was told.
Ahha! on my hands as a kerchief I unfold.
To wipe vigorously my face
of sweat, leaving no trace.

Again I go, back to the wheel
for some more driving drill.
I steer steady and fast
while hoping my energy would last.

Of sunshine and rain
and growing up again;
the singer sang full-throated
as I honked full and in my driving skills, I gloated.

Soon enough I noticed water, all blue
Caught my fancy, its hue.
I stopped the engine and stared
'til from behind someone's horn he blared.

Sorry, I said and parked at the lot
and took to my heels with the hamper I brought
Eat I must now, chicken and bone
over my shoulder, very brightly as the sun shone.

With none to disturb my melancholy mood
over nature, Him and life I brood.
Who am I? Why am I here?
Questions such as these in my mind I bear.

I ate my fill
and with plenty of time to kill;
let me eyes drift afar
leaving the doors of my imagination, ajar.

Clouds like white puffy, smoke travelled wide and far
Country, state, region for them's no bar
They are free and know no boundary
Why, but these are for humans to worry!

What have we come to, naught?
In a pensive mood, I thought.
Wish we can be more human and alive
To be compassionate to one and all, can we strive?

Thus I left the lake and was home bound
To a survival amidst pollution of air and sound.
But to my thoughts can we pay some heed?
Beings of all race, community and creed!



BK Rajlakshmi said...

Di! very nice. So lively and so interesting to go through all the lines. Too good. Clap clap.

Saptadeep said...

Firstly thx mam for this wondeful poem.....u brought forth d thoughts of a wanderer moving aimlessly in search of something elusive......n self realization at d end o it

"But to my thoughts can we pay some heed?
Beings of all race, community and creed!"

Simply loved this 2 lines!!!

mamta said...

very nicely written mr basu. "But to my thoughts can we pay some heed?
Beings of all race, community and creed!" these lines haev very deep meaning behind.

Saptadeep said...

Well mamta it wasn't written by's been written by my college senior sutapa...all kudos to her.....yea those 2 lines r really special.....

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