Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Ghost & the Man Within

Hey people.....this poem is like a bit strange...even for me actually....& I have pretty less words to describe it. It's like the duality of a person who exists as a man in this world & yet as a ghost in the world it wants to be in. I hope the Pied Piper can enthrall you with this poem too. But I want you to let the words flow in its pace n not hurry the moment, I want you to bring the images that the words crave in your mind for we all are ghosts in someone's else's world & yet the desire remains to live like a man.
If you like it....please share it to let someone be a part of this experience.


                                                                                            - SAPTADEEP BASU (2012)

I’m the ghost of your dreams,
The memories that never tends to die,
Escaping and probably hiding,
Living my life with the crumbs of your scattered life.
Sometimes I meant someone.....
Someone like anyone that walks by you;
May be you cared.....but what if it never bothered you at all.
I dream about you.....that you are thinking of me right now,
What do I care if you still sleep beside him?
I own your memories and the body is just a whore.
I am done living my life as a ghost.
I want my feelings to be of a man,
Bold, confident and handsome as you want to see me,
I walk infront of you,
I stare into those dark eyes, and pause for a moment;
Like a deep breath I let you seep inside my soul,
 And allow my feelings to take the shape of words.
Huh.....but the voiceless tears roll down.
Why I just can’t speak any more?
Why I cannot be the man beside you caressing the body I craved for?
Why do I suffer at all?
Yes, I just live to be the ghost of your dreams,
But the memories never let the feelings die,
Which survives yet another day,
With a wish buried deep inside;
Miles apart they will recite my rhymes,
Whispering in your ears;
I want to love you like a man this one time.



mamta said...

True emotions of a poet in all rhymes. Superb written. May be yes we all are ghost of some one's dreams, lost all alone in the tangle ways of world.

Saptadeep said...

Thx mamta....dats actually a small truth in our lives we rarely accept

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