Monday, June 11, 2012

My Few Words

There are times I wished I had said you all. And yet the time never came my way. I don't know why I stopped and I would never knew what you felt.
This poem is about those few words that often are held back for the "moment" and then it never comes our way. I never realised why I always stood like a silent stranger when you were always so close to my heart. Why I never allowed those words to slip through.
Yes, even with a bagfull of words, the pied piper has faltered to express what he felt for you.

My Few Words
                                                                      -Saptadeep Basu (2012)

A few words left unspoken yesterday,
A few words kept hidden from today,
A few promises that were broken to keep others alive,
And a few spare feelings, that were left buried deep inside.
The seconds ticked by in a gruesome pace,
Caught in a web of “could have been” moments;
Sometimes I whispered them; sometimes I had chosen to shout;
But my feelings had always been spoken to myself.
Couldn’t tell you how beautiful you looked with your dimpled smile,
Couldn’t hum the song that I had written for those mesmerising eyes,
Couldn’t give you the letters, I had dumped below my lonely bed,
Where often I had expressed; and which only I had read.  
 I never cared for the flowers to bloom,
Never dreamt for the rainbow to peep through my door,
I had never wished for the violins to play for us,
All I waited for was a perfect start.
Today as you walk away with your steady steps,
Tramping those silly feelings that you never knew existed,
I wish I could stop you and pour out my heart,
And not fade away unnoticed, as my life slowly departs.
Few words will yet be left unspoken today,
Some promises buried with my soul,
Few spare feelings with no wings to fly,
And tell you all I had always wished for.



mamta said...

A few promises that were broken to keep others alive,

And a few spare feelings, that were left buried deep inside.
It is just WOW!Superb,Fantastic one.

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