Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day when time stopped....

Well to begin is when sumthing stopped beating for a while.....a moment took a nap somewhere.....& I was left alone to savour feelings that I had lost long back in my life...a drop of tear dried down in my dreamy eyes & d puzzled smile questioned me its existence......huh! someone had left me forever...leaving behind d few pieces of memories to collect......hope d tide of fate had washed them away too.....but then that's too much being me with the pied piper getting irritated with my sudden swings of here he arrives with a song of a little bird that deserves this poem.....its for her


                                                                      - SAPTADEEP BASU (2006)

Rang the bell of the morning church, 
Resounding its sound across the valleys afar;
Reached the ears of a traveller in search,
Of a unknown land & a valley far.

A dreamland of peace he had in his eyes,
A virgin land, a valley untouched.....
The waves of happiness washed whose shores,
To leave behind the bliss of God.

But stopped the man in his holy search,
Not beleiving what he has heard;
And a shrill cry filled the air,
The pain of which pierced his heart.

Looked around for the helpless mate,
The flutter of whose wings was quieted down;
O! The ruthless nature called,
Has the tears too have dried down.

Bathed the world in the pool of blood,
The demon rose & the cries arose;
And lay the bird with its body apart,
And its rotten heart as the valley untouched.

Neither waves of happiness, Nor any dreamland of peace;
No unknown land or a valley far,
The virgin land he called.....
Was only a decaying heart.

The Gods above & the men below,
All hailed praises for our Mother Earth;
But something that made it richer was.....
The wounded birds stinking heart.




Rupam said...

after long tym.... a beauty of lines...."internal beauty of subconscious mind"....kip it buddy...

Saptadeep said...

Thx dude...d inspiration will keep the fire burning

ttspeak said...

the piper is a good man at heart
its just that for this kind,
the world doesn't give a fart.
Does this deter him?

Men don't care a damn he will say.
For time, is the greatest investment,
that one can make. Which he did.
But do they understand value?
perhaps not.
is it worth fretting?
Men don't care a damn he will say.
Did he fret?

Is such the destiny of a good heart?
I say nay.
to let go of ego,
Is a good thing I say.
For thats what only true love can do.

Its a perfect circle.
What goes around, comes around.

a quaint smile runs across his forehead,
as if he smiled to himself
at the onset of his trip (in all possible meaning),
at ignorant souls and a bedazzled society.

the quest for knowing thyself,
through the senses and feelings
that people around him (not friends alone)
had made him known to.

As you start my friend,
make note.
It is actually a perfect circle.
What goes around, comes around.

Asitav said...

Good. Keep it up.

Saptadeep said...

@sen..thx 4 d wishes
@ TT: Man its ryt wat goes round comes round....well waiting for d circle to complete itslf dn

mamta said...

wonderful composition .

Saptadeep said...

thx mamta!!

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