Saturday, August 21, 2010

the tired eyes of a frustated blogger

its 2:30 in the morning and m still trying to solve this mystery of a goddamn blog.............wat d hell should my first blog me......burning kashmir, raped northeast, brutalized naxals or wonderful undercover commonwealth games played by politicians................well m not hopelessly pessimist. I do want to write somethin that makes me proud of this nation on the eve of the 63rd independence den r we really one???
dreary eyes kidnapped by the spirit of insomnia can c nothing far away than the wonderfully laid bed infront of gosh....its my first blog day.......want to call myself a blogger to write somethin.....

So thus the pied piper begins with his lil message of love......a song dedicated to all the beating hearts.......a song written by me way back in the spring of 2002........"for someone"

The Love Song

Waiting for you in the mist of blue,
Shrouded in the veil of dew;
Hoping that you would come to me,
With your soul bathed in the love of sea.

But as I stood stranded there,
In the hope of your coming here;
Found none, but your image afar;
Entering my soul with your touch of warmth.

Closed my eyes in search of a dream,
A fleeting dream which caught my hold;
Soothed me as her hands did,
Taking me to a land where we planted our love seed.

As the morning rays touched my heart,
Radiantly shining in the heat of your love;
Kissing me as if she was here,
Making me impatient in the wait of her love.

As the evening crept in with its silence,
Making me remember our moments behind the fence;
And smiling away at how time went,
And asking myself, if this was how our love began.

The silence of the valley was now captivated by the chilly night,
Where the moon above smiled at my impatient fight;
A fight against the truth of destiny,
To bring you back from the world beyond the horizon of life.

At last my wait ended,
With the twinkle of yours high above the sky;
Merging among the cluster of stars,
But yet twinkling with an essence of love.

As I strolled back to my home,
With a picture of yours in the corner of my mind;
To start a new wait for you again,
Shrouded in the veil of tears and in the mist of sorrow.

Well I presume the tales of the pied piper had just begun...........



╬DeV AcharyA╬ said...

why am i like this ...y don't i stay in a relationship for a longer period of time and even if i do why does he/she leaves me ...m i immature or don't no what i want from life i need a school or college certificate to certify my eligibility to the world why can't i customize my life the way i want it ......even after i tried a lot to be what my parents want me to be or my relatives wants me to be or my boyfriend or girlfriend wants me to be ....why are not they happy ... why am i in this world is there a motive has god thought something for me out of his busy schedule or just i need to spend my life in the crowd being lonely or i need to increase the population or pollution why cant i be a simple human being without anger,lies,rage,lust, frustration...........where does my instinct lies in my brain or in my heart .........what am i today i Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, or atheist.......why cant i help those who need me or why does nobody helps i irresponsible or responsible..... am i useless or am i useful.......will i be a hero if i have a scar on my face from a war or battle of my country or i should act a speech-less act in a drama i need to socialize or globalise i need to plant trees or do i need to clean the greeneries around my house should i be a vegetarian so that my mind doesn't become aggressive ....... if u think when u sit near your computer and have downloaded a movie but don't like to watch it but want to write bullshit on something which would make some sense to someone who is infinity to you and could end up with some comments and likes so you are most welcome here just shoot here whatever you want to..... take out your frustration and i challenge you will feel light at some corner of your heart

Saptadeep said...

itna bhi mujhse pyar na karo..m nashe m hun...mere diledar suno..m nashe m hun...m nashe m huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunn..

mamta said...

When a writer starts his journey of life he/she is always frustrate and upset from life and things.See how much long you have traveled .That was the day when you started your journey and now you are a wonderful writer.Sadness and tragedies only create a person in better way.It depends on us how we use that frustration.

You write awesome and amazing always."

"The silence of the valley was now captivated by the chilly night,
Where the moon above smiled at my impatient fight;
A fight against the truth of destiny,
To bring you back from the world beyond the horizon of life".

And you do not need to prove any one who you are if people know your worth then there is no matter to tell them who are you and what you hold inside you and if people do not value you then there is no need to bother them because they are those people who even do not understand themselves.

And now that frustrated Blogger Basu is doing very well in the field of literature and poetry.

Saptadeep said...

Thx Mamta...yeah evrythin has a beginning...dis ws mine in not so happy moments.....loneliness always makes somethin out of u....n yup it made me a frustrated blogger

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